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Positive Considerations for Pasture Raised Steak Consumption

When cattle are raised so that a big chunk of their feeding comes from open grasslands in the free range pastures their nutrition intake is mostly organic. No fertilizer is added, no pesticides sprayed; and the animals get to exercise throughout the time that they graze in the hills and valleys for grass and grains without much stress that comes from confinement and environmentally unfriendly surroundings. This is opposed to zero grazings where the animals rely on artificial grass, corn, soy, and nutrition supplements supplied in their lifetimes. Obviously the weather must be supportive of pasture grazing throughout the year in the lifetimes of the cattle in the open ranches.

Because of feeding on new nutritious shoots and clean water throughout, the steak from the slaughterhouses is marbled, juicy, and very tender, complete with an excellent healthy fatty acid outline. Dry-edging is an addition that improves the flavor and overall tenderness of the steak. Certainly, pasture-raised animals will always have an edge over the others, and once tried, many consumers never fall back for the other meats. Another good thing is the non-use of steroids and antibiotics that give consumers an assurance that their meat is safe and they too are not going to be harmed in any way by chemicals.

Consumption of pasture-raised cattle is good for families because it is healthier and natural and this can be proven through the track records of the farms that raise the animals. The farmers are always proud to showcase everything about what they do to raise the best animals for slaughter over and above the other methods; not just because of the profit motive but they take a lot of pride in what they do and they love it enough to put in value without much consideration of the cost of production that is a key factor in the other methods of raising cattle for slaughter.

Because pasture grazed cattle are raised in free range agricultural practice the environment is conserved naturally because dependencies are put in a natural regenerative and supportive order of symbiosis, meaning that the end result of production is a win-win situation for man and the environment. Mechanized agriculture adopted after the Second World War disrupted this equilibrium and brought about an overall increase in pollution of the environment; this has contributed immensely to the disruption of quality health and wellness assurance of communities, especially for those living in the urban setups.

Next time when you consider buying your steak, think pasture; support nature and the environment. Think health and wellness over probable harm. Pasture raised meats usually cost more for their value, but you should focus on quality over quantity; after all your wealth should always be in your health all the time, and as they say, cheap can be expensive. Families that have adopted organic foods are generally happier and more fulfilled, always without afterthoughts for what they consumed earlier – an addition of pasture-raised meat into their diets should, therefore, bring even more confidence and best outcomes in health and lifestyles with time.

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