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Top Advantages of Joining a Union at Work

Union membership has been in existence for many years. Employees come together and form an organization that is meant to stand ion the gap for them between them and their employers. It is not a political body but a body that is set with an idea of fronting the needs of employees. It fights for the right, so the employees and advocates for better working and payment terms. Discussed below are some of the top advantages of joining a union at work.

Enforces a collective bargain. In any organization set-up, employees are faced with different situations could be a poor working condition or even poor pay. While you cannot front the idea of poor working conditions or pay to your boss on your own, a union is better placed to front the idea. Union members elect here representatives who are mandated to discuss the interests of their fellow employees with the management or company owners. When union front the ideas of a change on the working and payment condition in this case, then there is a room for bargaining with the company owners, this is what is termed as a collective bargain. Both parties, that is, employer and employees come together to discuss how to make the terms better for both of them. The beauty of having a collective bargain discussion is the needs of both parties are placed on the table for a discussion, and there is no imposing of the employer’s demands.

Union workers have an opportunity to enjoy better pay than when not unionized. Employees who have a union in place receive salary reviews on an annual basis. This is one of the great importance of having a union. The review in salary could be as a result of the collective bargaining initiated by the union on better pays. Employees who are not in a union may not benefit from this because int heir situation, their employers set the pay without taking inputs from their employees because they don’t have any representatives to fight for them.

Unions push for job security. Employers do not have the power to layoff employees whenever they feel like laying them off. Unions demand the rights of their members when there is unfair dismissal. Many multinational companies have had to compensate their ex-employees, and others have had to reinstate them after the unfair dismissal. This is after the unions fronted cases for the management answer on the unfair dismissal fo their union members. Labor courts listen to the demands of the unions, and where they have a right, the employers are liable to reinstate or compensate the employees.

Unionized employees enjoy working in a safe and healthy work set-up. Most employers take their employees for granted by not providing the right working materials and environment. However, where there is a union, employees’ rights of protection from workplace injuries are put in place. The union advocates for better protective gear, training to reduce the number of accidents and compliance of occupational safety and health administration requirements.
Join a union at your workplace and enjoy the benefits of being a unionized employee.

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