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Fatherhood, brotherhood, and manhood have become an issue of concern in present society. That is because the original value associated with the responsibilities of being a man has been abused, and people are no longer respecting their elders. Men have a huge role in ensuring that they mentor young boys and their families to live a meaningful and inspired life. We run the best forums that keep men and boys inspired by some great men who have even won awards. The guest speaker this year will be the winner of the Father of the Year Award 2020.

We only handpick the best to come and mentor you. When they share their story and life lessons, we believe that everyone has something to learn from them and become inspired to be responsible adults. We teach men how to prioritize their loved ones. They must learn to keep money and all other material wealth from getting in their way of how they love their family. If a man wants a united family, love must be the foundation, not money or any other material wealth. A family must always be at the center of every man’s heart, and they must influence those around them to practice the same.

All communities must always find a way to help mentor men and take them positively because they sacrifice a lot in the family. If the community views men are people who can be looked up to, appreciated, and loved, it becomes easy for men to deliver more as a giveback to their loved ones. We want to teach everyone the importance of emotional, physical, and economic support for one another. We want to nurture a family and community where love for one another is greater beyond all hindrances that might try to get in the way.

Family is the most critical unit in society. The government even recognizes it. That is the only place where people get to learn how to love themselves and appreciate others. That feeling of belongingness is a rare gem that does not exist in many homes. That is the seed that we want to help boys and men nurture within themselves so they can ignite those around them to grow around each other with love. We want to safeguard the family unit by all means.

It has become a norm in current society to hear people separating and divorcing. This does them no good, and more so, it is very harmful to the children. That is because people have to choose who will live with the children. Statistically, children do well if raised in homes that have both parents available for them. Currently, the two-parent phenomenon has become very rare and endangered. That is because people no longer value the importance of family love and the responsibilities that come with having kids and raising them. We want mothers and fathers to be in good terms and even the extended family. View our programs here and see why we are the best family and community development forum in town.

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